Hidden Surprise: Cedarburg, WI


The week of 4th of July my husband and I finagled a fantastic full week off from work! We did a lot of fun things around town but one of our favorite discoveries was a small town in Wisconsin. Being from this state I have traveled all around, but had never been to this small town. New places are so exciting, especially exploring with no expectations. The day prior to our trip we decided we should venture down to Cedarburg. All I knew about this town is that it is close to Milwaukee. Well low and behold this place is a treasure hidden next to a small river and colorful natural landscaping. Not to mention walking downtown you cannot miss the detailing along the sidewalks!


The first thing you will see coming into town is the main road downtown. This is where we spent the majority of our day because there was so much to do! Pulling into our parking space we looked to our right and saw Marlene’s Garden Goodies. Ok first of all I can’t take how cute that name is. Secondly, the outdoor display is like walking trough a wind chime wonderland, which leads you to the back of the store which wraps all around the entire building. There are garden goodies galore! If you need a new charm or chime for your lawn & gardens, you cannot miss this spot. In the far back of the display there was a section labeled “Yard Sale.” Of course this is right up my alley. Here I found a rusty old bucket that looked like it has survived years outside in the frigid Wisconsin winters. Without batting an eye I grabbed this bucket, dropped my $5.00 and ran before I got that look from my husband. You know the one…the “please don’t tell me we need another planter for the garden” look.

Green beans are loving the bucket!


The one thing we did know we wanted to check out while in town is the winery: Cedar Creek Winery. Another five dollar deal! You get to take a 45 minute tour with 7 wine tastings at the end for only $5.00 a person. Our tour guide was a retired teacher and said he loves his job because “when people drink wine, they always smile”. I CAN’T. He was the first of many people that we met here that were the nicest people all in one town!



If you like masterfully developed wine with bright true flavors and a good laugh, you cannot miss this place.


After having a drink (or two) it’s best to walk about and get some fresh air. The shops all in the downtown area are hit after hit. One of our favorite places we found is Birchwood Wells. Imagine mixing art with industrial wood vibes, but also so amazing you want to buy the whole store – that’s this place. If you need a small gift or decide you want to redecorate your entire house, they’ve got it all.



Need chocolate, sugar, or jelly bellies?! There is no shortage here.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Food is always on my mind so we needed to find a place for lunch. There are so many options we didn’t know which way to turn. Pizza is always number one in my heart, but we walked past the Vintage Cafe & City Deli and this seemed like somewhere we could not miss. We were right! Entering the deli you feel right at home with the menu items. From the most flavorful sandwiches to melty ooey-gooey paninis, everyone can find something to eat here! To top it off there is the most gorgeous and quaint seating area in the back that overlooks the slowly moving creek (or river, we weren’t sure what body of water it is! Please forgive me any Cedarburg residents). The only issue with this place is that it is so cute & cozy I didn’t want to leave.



Do not miss going down by the water behind the Vintage Cafe.

On our way to the car I saw this tiny little sign next to the sidewalk. Based on the flowers and plants that line the sidewalks here I can imagine this is a very active club (or is it just a very cute sign that someone made?)PicFrame

On our way out of town the last thing we could not miss was the covered bridge. The bridge is off the main road so you can’t drive down it. However, walking onto the old wooden floor of the bridge feels like stepping into a time machine. Images of the olden days with horse drawn carriages came to life. History is not my best subject so the time periods in my imagination sometimes do not match real life. So if you go here be sure to read the sign outside for when this actually was built.  Along the boards and grooves of the wood are carved names and dates of the people who have all visited the bridge over the years. So of course my husband and I had to do the same!

BridgeI would absolutely recommend a trip to this town. It is so welcoming and warm you might not want to go home. It is filled with hidden treasures and there is so much to explore that we didn’t even get to see! I will definitely be going back since we didn’t have time to try out the pizza. And we all know pizza is everything, the light of life…ok, you get the picture.

Let me know if you have ever been here or have plans to visit! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Special thanks to the city of Cedarburg for being so welcoming and becoming one my new favorite cities in Wisconsin.



One thought on “Hidden Surprise: Cedarburg, WI

  1. Oh Kate, I just love your sparking, shiny musings. I have been to Cedarburg often and you captured it’s charm perfectly. I suggest a trip in fall. Not only are the colors captivating but the town outdoes itself with the spirit of the fall harvest and upcoming holidays. Keep up the good work and keep exploring. Another recommendation is the apple orchard section of southern Minnesota. Very quaint and very beautiful. Lots of little towns with lots to explore. Love ya niece😘


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