Homemade Tortilla Chips

Aaaah here we are. The sun is shining and that summer breeze is splashing your face with the warm sunny air. This kind of weather calls for a strong icy margarita and a big bowl of crispy chips with loaded guacamole! Put me next to the water with a cool drink and a snack and I can be set for hours; nothing could be better. Dreaming of a day like this; why not make your own homemade tortilla chips, right…right?!

I’d love to say these were easy. I’d even love to say these were the most delicious homemade chips and they are SO worth running to the store to go get all the ingredients and to go make these. Sad to say these did not turn out as planned and my dreams of having a chip-venture are far from coming true.

“10 out of 10 do not recommend.”

– Kate








So the directions say to get yourself a big ole’ bag of tortillas and cut them into the desired triangle shape. Easy peasy, done and done. Then you spray them down with a layer of oil and sprinkle with salt. Got it. Next you throw them into the oven and half way through flip them over and put down another even layer of salt. So easy, what could go wrong?

Well, apparently a multitude of things could go wrong. Like as in it’s really difficult to take the hot tray out of the oven and turn over each individual chip and also add more salt to the chips while feeling like you are burning off each of your eyelashes. Next it’s very hard to get an even bake on these. My oven usually bakes quite evenly but these chips made it seem like it was having some real issues this day.  Issues aside, I did turn out with a very beautiful brown and tan chip rainbow…sounds delicious.

Even though a chip rainbow sounds like something out of foodie dream journal, these were disgusting! I am not sure what went wrong here, but these did not turn out like the chips you’d want on the beach. These would be the discarded bag of leftovers you give to the birds and I’m not sure if they would even eat these. They turned out oddly hard and chewy at the same time. Not the crisp and crunchy chips I was hoping for. Not sure if this had to do with the actual tortillas I picked out or if there was not enough oil on them. Needless to say I will not be making these again. Rather I suggest going to the store and getting a big bag of your favorite chips and making yourself a cool, icy summer drink and enjoy.

Even though these didn’t turn out as planned, this is Kate Tries. We try things and some of them are garbage, but we can share in the commiseration. We share in the hilarity of not nailing it. Perfection is boring. You only fail if you don’t try!

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