Homemade Breadsticks

Do you ever find yourself deep in a binge-session watching those fun baking competitions and think to yourself, “Oh I could totally make that.” Well, just the other day I thought the same thing. Up until this day, breadsticks were just something you get for free at restaurants to gobble down until there is one left in the basket that everyone secretly stares at until the entrees come out. I dug around Pinterest until I found the official Great British Bakeoff breadstick recipe: Olive Breadsticks.

But why bother even making your own breadsticks? Well, if you like playing with dough and getting your countertop full of flour, then stay tuned. (more…)


The Journey Begins

Hey I’m Kate! I’m a mostly self-taught home baker due to being a stubborn child and refusing to help my mom in the kitchen while growing up. Lesson learned! I like to try new and old recipes to come up with the best bakes while staying sane and not starting the kitchen on fire. My site started from humble beginnings with a semi-sweet tooth and a dream to share the food I love. Sometimes failure is necessary to make us laugh and remember at the end of the day as long as you are having fun then it was all worth it.

I am excited to bring you along on my adventures in baking, dabbling in the sweet & savory, and everything in between.

Thanks for joining me!

This was my 1st ever attempt at making caramel. It took 6 tries!